MAMMaway is excited to offer Sarah Wells Bags' SWag Bag in Le Floral print!

We could've made a bag to fit the Freeze It Flat perfectly for travel. But why reinvent a good thing?

Breast Pump Bag? Check ✅
Pumparoo Wet/Dry Bag? Check ✅
Cold Gold Cooler? Check ✅

Now… how to organize #allthethings? As a pumping mom, you are packing A TON. You’ve got your pump, milk, laptop, cooler, nipple cream, flanges, tubing, wipes, keys, wallet, breast pads, phone charger, extra bottles/bags, snacks, the list goes on and on and on. 

If you’re anything like me, just looking at all of your daily pumping supplies is enough to send you into sheer panic attack mode. How the heck are you supposed to organize all of this stuff? 

Enter the SWag Bag! This little cutie is here to help keep your mountain of pumping essentials neat and contained in one (adorable!) little bag! 

My advice? Grab one for your Freeze It Flat, of course, but then grab a second for all of your pumping session essentials, and pack it towards the top of your breast pump bag for easy one-handed access. When this pumping season is over, it's great for all the miscellaneous must-haves that you just can’t leave home without (headphones, chapstick, phone charger, mints, etc.)

Bag Dimensions: 8.75 "W x 6"H