Freeze It Flat™

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No more mangled bags of frozen milk.

No more cookie sheet Jenga to try to get them flat.
No more frustration with the lack of freezer space. (30% space savings!)
No more angry when the hotel staff has to help and screws it up.
No more hassle of managing the stash.

Perfectly flat.
Plentifully frozen.
No fancy balancing act or freezer space required.


  • Freezes 1 bag (single) or 2 bags (double) of breastmilk at a time
  • Perfect for building a stash bit by bit, every drop counts!
  • Recycled plastic plates make sure bags freeze flat allowing for maximum space savings
  • Elastic straps secure the bags in place in any orientation 

  • Weight 6.9 oz
    Dimensions 6.5 × 4 × .6 in