boss? baby? BOTH! (why you don't have to choose between them.)
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boss? baby? BOTH! (why you don't have to choose between them.)

May 01, 2018

My last trip to China was jam packed. 7 hr flight to Shanghai Monday, 5 hr high speed rail to Beijing on Tuesday, 7 hrs back home Thursday, stacked meetings in between. Pretty standard issue, except for my meeting with Teresa, which was the best conversation I had all week!

Let me tell you about her.

Teresa is a 2nd time mom that would be right behind me on her (first) trip to China — for 2 whole weeks. But the difference between her and my packing prep was that she was terrified and I didn’t give it a second thought. (Well, other than double checking my pack list, but we’ll get to that.)

As soon as my itinerary hits the 3 nights away mark, I know my luggage strategy changes. I know that I will now need to freeze some of my stash before I haul it home, rather than just leaving it chilled. So there’s about 4 extra minutes to double checking freezer storage supplies.

Teresa, on the other hand, thought she had a huge decision to make. She thought she had to take a career hit (saying no to the trip) or give up on nursing her new baby girl. Simply because that’s what happened with her first. At 12 months, their breastfeeding journey ended because of a work trip - and now she’s faced with the same decision at only 6 months in.

I tell you her story to tell you mine. Because I think her story is all too common. And it doesn’t have to be.

Fear, anger, frustration, and stress about feeding your child not only have no place in an already tough time to be away, but they also don’t help the old milk supply! So let’s try to do away with them altogether... because let’s be serious, dealing with your boss is probably enough of a hot mess that you don’t need to be stressed out about your boobs too.

My two minis have a combined age of 3.5 years on this grand planet. And for the last 4 years, their entire existence and then some, I’ve had a corporate job covering the whole of Asia that’s had me on a plane every other week. Usually 2-3 days if I can swing it, but not uncommon to be out the whole week like in China.
And here's the kicker - - my 2 little humans have been exclusively breastfed - - a combined 27 months and counting!

I don’t say that to knock formula or make you feel bad if you haven’t done the same. But many moms, like Teresa, think it’s one or the other.
And I’m here to show you that’s just not true. It’s entirely doable.

You don’t have to choose between your job and your breastfeeding journey.

You don’t have to choose between a plane and a pump.

You don’t have to choose between your boss and your baby.

So to ease all the fear and frustration, she and I walked through the logistics of packing and freezing and transporting breastmilk in hotels and airports across the globe until she felt more confident in her ability to do both - travel for work AND nurse her daughter.

Call me selfish, but getting off that call and hearing the complete 180 in her confidence and voice is why I do this. And just like her, you definitely don’t have to figure this out alone either.

Start with my pack list of essentials or schedule 30 minutes to walk through it together!

Because you’ve got this, MAMMA - you can go AWAY