Freeze It Flat™
No more mangled bags of frozen milk. No more cookie sheet Jenga to try to get them flat.No more frustration with the lack of freezer space. (30% space savings!)No more angry when the hotel staff has to help and screws...
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Breastmilk Storage Guidelines Magnet
Don't try to remember how long milk is good for, stick it on your freezer so you'll never forget.    When in doubt, remember that... Fresh = hours Chilled = days Frozen = months   Size = 2" vertical x...
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Techniice is the only cold pack I recommend for transporting breastmilk yourself. It freezes colder than regular ice or gel packs without the caution needed for dry ice. It works best when layered around the milk inside the cooler. As...
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MAMMaway is excited to offer Sarah Wells Bags' SWag Bag in Le Floral print! We could've made a bag to fit the Freeze It Flat perfectly for travel. But why reinvent a good thing? Breast Pump Bag? Check ✅Pumparoo Wet/Dry...
1 - 30 minute personal coaching session Are you going back to work and don’t know where to start? Do you have a trip coming up and need to bring the cooler? You don’t have to do it alone. Let’s...
MAMMaway Gift Card
New mom in your life and not sure how much breastmilk she will be pumping? Will she need a single or double or both? Send her some love to select her own set up instead.      
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