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We support and instill confidence in new parents in their 4th and 5th-trimester pumping journey through functional products and tactical support. Our mission is to share our experience and expertise with as many parents as possible by solving breast milk storage issues once and for all.



Jillian Rothe

With an early diagnosis of endometriosis as a teenager, Jillian was told it was unlikely that she’d be able to have children, so she pivoted away from her plans of mothering and spent her 20s focusing on her career and traveling the world. While living in Singapore with her partner and working in a heavily male-dominated industry with extreme travel requirements, Jillian and her partner were given the blessing and surprise of getting pregnant. But with that came a major problem: finding a way to store enough milk for her week-long business trips without the bags breaking in the freezer and going to waste. That was what sparked the development of the Freeze It Flat™.

Jillian has a Mechanical Engineering and International Business Degree from Michigan Technological University and was named the Outstanding Young Alumni in 2014 for her early career success. She was featured in Impact Magazine in 2016 and went on to create the Breast Milk Storage Product of the Year in 2021. Today, she lives in Denver, Colorado with her partner and their three children.


"Thank you so much for all the great advice! You really gave me the confidence I need to rock my job & mommy life!"


"Freeze It Flat™ has been such a game-changer in freezing breast milk bags. I can’t wait to see how it transforms my freezer!"


"Such a great invention!!! Can’t wait!"



Freeze with Ease

Say goodbye to mangled bags of frozen milk that break, leak, and go to waste. Freeze It FlatTM freezes breastmilk bags perfectly flat and evenly, every time, so you can stop crying over spilled milk and create more room in your freezer. Freeze It Flat™ is simple and easy to use - supporting busy, on-the-go moms in their 4th and 5th-trimester pumping journey.

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