Our Story

MAMMaway was born from one pumping mothers' needs when her MAMMaries had to go back to work and be AWAY for weeks at a time.

Even as a frequent traveler, Jillian Rothe has managed to exclusively breastfeed her children for over 37 months and counting. Her creative, engineering mind, entrepreneurial spirit, and personal need for a solution is what led her to invent the Freeze It Flat™.

Jillian and her husband, Steve, who is also an engineer, have worked in corporate jobs that require them to frequently fly all over the world. And when they became parents, it was just second nature for Jillian to add her cooler as luggage; pumping on the road and making sure her babies had plenty of that liquid gold back home.

The idea for the Freeze It Flat™ all got started while Jillian and her family were living in Singapore; where they faced very limited freezer space and two new babies to feed. But thanks to a mix of Japanese dollar store creativity and her brothers’ nice big American spaces for real engineering and prototyping, they found a way to store enough milk for her week-long business trips without ever having to use formula.

For parents around the globe, the Freeze It Flat™ is a baby essential for all pumping mothers.




mom / wife / engineer

Fun Facts about our Founder:
  • She has lived in 14 cities, 6 states, and 3 countries, ranging in population from 727 to 5.61 million people
  • She are her husband are avid mountain biker/hikers, do triathalons and crossift (even while pregnant) - these 2 pictures were taken 3 hours apart:
  • Her 4yo daughter has been to 16 countries and 2yo son to 11. 
  • She married her best friend and husband on leap day on a whim while living in Singapore. They will celebrate their "first" wedding anniversary in 2020. 

Jillian believes in staying active while growing a human. Labor and delivery are just another intense workout. So while pregnant, she also: 

  • Ran a 10K at 36 weeks with #1
  • Did a 73 story vertical marathon at 36 weeks with #2
  • "Ran" (ok... fat lady shuffled) a mile in 15 min at 39 weeks with #3 

“We love doing this and seeing that something so simple can make sure a huge impact on your sanity! Parents have enough to worry about; breastmilk doesn't have to be one of them and we want to help.” - Jillian

Behind the scenes how the Freeze It Flat™ came to life:

These are the work trips that inspired the need for the Freeze It Flat™ 

This is the first video I ever saw of how it worked! Thanks little brother!

itty bitty closet of a "machine shop" was used to help make the first batch. I am actually standing outside of the room and right after this photo we put that press in our truck to haul it to its current home in our garage.

Pictures from my sister-in-law while we were still working on prototypes... clearly this was desperately needed!Photo 1 Photo 2 

Our first prototype was a really thin plastic and hand sewn straps.

The original design was 4 bags and quickly learned that just 1 or 2 was better, and more accurate to what MOST of you are freezing in a day, so knocked it down to the product you see today!

First test trip using itin a hotel in Mexico!

Made in the garage:https://www.instagram.com/p/BmyqjEbhGsz/


And if you were wondering, this is 100% a family owned small business and our kids help assemble:https://www.instagram.com/p/BqF5Z40AuGZ/