Here are some of the answers to our most asked questions.
A revolutionary, patent pending device that will freeze breastmilk flat in any orientation in the freezer. No more cookie sheet Jenga required.
The single will freeze one bag and the double will freeze two.
Any breastmilk bag will do. (We’re pretty sure the Willow bags will also work, but they are a bit larger.)
See our Instagram feed for photos, but with every bag we’ve tested (including the “lay flat” bags) we’ve seen a 25-40% reduction in space.
YES! So many! See our tips and tricks or submit an idea that you’d like to see us address.
Whether it’s out to the zoo for a full day in the sweltering heat or a 30 hours flight across the globe, I’d love to walk through any questions you have about hauling that cooler of breastmilk. Click here for more info on mentoring.

Kind Words From Moms Like You

“Jillian – Thank you so much for all the great advice! You really gave me the confidence I need to rock my job & mommy life!”
~Ellen, first time mom

“Such a great invention!!! Can’t wait!”
~Jamie, first time mom

“I donate all of my frozen milk so I like to get the most of the room I have. Since using the Freeze It Flat I am able to get 10 more oz in each gallon freezer zip lock bag!”
~Ashley, first time mom

“OMG this is so amazing! I don’t know how you kept it a secret!”
~Shauna, second time mom