Freeze It Flat™

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Breast Milk Storage Solution

No more mangled bags of frozen milk.
No more cookie sheet Jenga to try to get them flat.
No more frustration with the lack of freezer space. (up to 50% space savings!)
No more angry when the hotel staff has to help and screws it up.
No more hassle of managing the stash.

Perfectly flat.
Plentifully frozen.
No fancy balancing act or freezer space required.

  • Freezes 1 bag (single) or 2 bags (double) of breastmilk at a time
  • Perfect for building a stash bit by bit, every drop counts!
  • Recycled plastic plates make sure bags freeze flat allowing for maximum space savings
  • Silicone elastic straps secure the bags in place in any orientation
  • Proudly made in the USA.

6.5 × 4 × .6 in



Stop crying over spilled milk.

Say goodbye to mangled bags of frozen milk that break, leak, and go to waste. Freeze It FlatTM freezes breast milk bags perfectly flat and evenly, every time, so you can stop crying over spilled milk and create more room in your freezer. Freeze It FlatTM is simple and easy to use - supporting busy, on-the-go parents in their 4th and 5th-trimester pumping journey. Named Breast Milk Storage Product of the Year in 2022.
Holds up to 2 bags of breast milk at a time.
Creates up to 30% more space in your freezer.
Allows for easy stacking and organization.
Named Breast Milk Storage Product of the Year in 2022
Durable straps secure the bags in place in any orientation.
Works for leftover food storage as well.


Pump. Freeze. Stash

Pump liquid gold into your breast milk bag of choice.

Freeze one or two bags flat in the Freeze It Flat™ at once.

Stash flat bags in the freezer. Repeat until you're done pumping!


“I donate all of my frozen milk so I like to get the most of the room I have. Since using the Freeze It Flat™ I am able to get 10 more oz in each gallon freezer zip lock bag!”


“OMG this is so amazing!”


“YOU NEED THIS! Make the most of your freezer space for more milk!”