Sheets *

Techniice is the only cold pack I recommend for transporting breastmilk yourself.

It freezes colder than regular ice or gel packs without the caution needed for dry ice. It works best when layered around the milk inside the cooler.

As it’s an Australian company, and to make things easier for you, I’ve made it available in my store.

Cheaper than Amazon… and in the quantities I recommend. 🙂 We also have a small sheet if you wanted to try it out with a small day cooler. 

We got you covered!

  • For a 24-can cooler, (to haul 2-4 days of milk) I bring 3 sheets inflated, and 2 spares.
  • For a 6-can day cooler,  (just to the office) I only need 1 sheet cur smaller to fit the cooler.